At Bitzel’s Chocolate, we believe in crafting more than just delicious chocolate; we aspire to create an unforgettable experience.

“Sometimes the stars align, and magical things can happen” 

Bitzel’s was created in a time when our food is becoming less healthy while cost is ever increasing. We believe a healthier option made with premium ingredients can both taste great without costing a fortune. 

Bitzel’s is a first of its kind ‘glass chocolate factory’ in which all the processes are completely visible. You can see real fruits, butters and creams being used in our products. No partially hydrogenated oils, fillers, or other highly processed ingredients. We have extensive testing to monitor toxic heavy metals in our chocolate to ensure its safety…as Consumer Reports has indicated numerous well known chocolate brands have unsafe toxic metal levels. 

A place where artistry, flavor and variety thrive! Try the ultra rare Ruby and Gold chocolates. Be tempted by our reimagined flavor combinations including Chambord Raspberry, Georgia Peach and Bourbon Pecan. 

Enjoy chocolate the way it was meant to be! 

Meet the Owners: From Left to Right: Ray Bitzel, Yolanda Bitzel, Jackie Rose, Dave Rose
Ray Bitzel with Jean-Pierre Wybauw, the No. 1 chocolatier in the world.
Yolanda Bitzel training at the prestigious Chicago Chocolate Academy
Meet the Team: From Left to Right: Priscilla Dos Santos, Ray Bitzel, George Foley


Sustainability is at the heart of our conscious chocolate commitment. We prioritize responsibly sourced cacao, actively participating in the conversion of cleared-cut land to agroforestry protected lands. By establishing direct partnerships with small cacao growers, often families, we go beyond industry norms by paying five times more than the standard $1/kg to ensure a living wage. Our dedication extends to eco-friendly packaging practices, utilizing up to 30% less packaging than others and incorporating compostable and recycled materials whenever possible. Additionally, we proudly support local Georgia growers by sourcing Georgia-grown pecans and peaches, further contributing to our commitment to sustainability.